Company History

Swan Electro Mech System has a long and storied history in the world of Business. We have been pioneers in the industry for many years and are known for taking innovative steps. We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here. We Had in Industry more than 25+ Years.

  • 1996

    Started offering Products & Solution

    This was the time when we started our company. We had no idea how far we would go, we started offering Mechanical, Electronic Devices which are useful in Enterprise, Banking Etc.

  • 2003

    Company Incorporation

    By this time we incorporate our company & a well known name within the industry. We had been prominent members of the industry for more than years and worked for some of the biggest clients in the industry;

  • 2008

    Showroom Inauguration

    On the occasion of Gudhi Padhwa (Hindu New Year) we Inaugurate our Godrej Interio Furniture & Electronics Showroom.

  • 2020

    Serving Services

    Our journey has only brought us higher. It is Endless Journey for us & our Customer who always choose as there First Priority.

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